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In preparing College and Career Ready Graduates, the Fresno Unified Expanded Learning Summer Program remains focused on ensuring every student excels in reading, writing and math, providing them every opportunity to stay on track academically on their way to graduate college and career ready.

Elementary Programs

Summer School Academies at Elementary and Middle School include 20 days of instruction from June 14 to July 12, 2021. See the table below for start times and bus routes. Transportation information provide by First Student for Special Education programs is available at ESY Bus Routes.

Summer Host SiteFeeder SchoolsAdministratorEmailStart TimeEnd TimeBus Route
AddicottSpecial EducationRobyn ScrogginsRobyn.Scroggins@fresnounified.org9:00 AM1:00 PMBus Route
AnthonyJefferson, Lowell, Webster, and YokomiToua ChangToua.Chang@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
AyerAynesworth, Greenberg, and StoreyMonica Alvarez, Isaac VillanuevaMonica.Alvarez@fresnounified.org, Isaac.Villanueva@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
Ayer Springboard ProgramTobaise BrookinsTobaise.Brookins@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:00 PMBus Route
BakmanBurroughs, Easterby, and OlmosMiguel NaranjoMiguel.Naranjo@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:30 PMBus Route
Del MarFremont, Hamilton, Heaton, and MuirChad GammonChad.Gammon@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:30 PMBus Route
EricsonBirney, Norseman, Turner, and WishonKristina MontesKristina.Montez@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:30 PMBus Route
FigardenForkner, Lawless, Malloch, and StarrDerrick HansenDerrick.Hansen@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:30 PMBus Route
KingKirkJulie JohnsonJulie.Johnson@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
KingSpringboard ProgramSummer Gaston-GherisSummer.Gaston-Gehris@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:00 PMBus Route
LincolnAddams and ColumbiaMichael RivardMike.Rivard@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
MayfairEwing, Hidalgo, Leavenworth, and RowellShelby KuschShelby.Kusch@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:30 PMBus Route
McCardleEaton, Robinson, Viking, and WoltersLinda McLaughlinLinda.Mclaughlin2@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
PowersGibson, Kratt, and SlaterTom FuentesThomas.Fuentes@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
PyleCentennial, Holland, Thomas, and VinlandJasmin PerezJasmin.Perez@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:30 PMBus Route
ThomasSpringboard Program OnlyMatthew PhancoMatthew.Phanco@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:00 PMBus Route
Vang PaoBalderas, Calwa, Jackson, Lane, and WinchellYua LeeYua.Lee@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
WilliamsHoman, Roeding, Sunset, Wawona DI, and WilsonBonifacio SanchezBonifacio.Sanchez@fresnounified.org8:00 AM12:00 PMBus Route
WilliamsSpringboard ProgramRithy SomRithy.Som@fresnounified.org8:30 AM12:00 PMBus Route

Middle School Programs

Middle School Summer Academies begin at 9:00 AM and end at 1:00 PM. See the table below for bus routes.

Summer SiteSummer AdministratorEmailBus Routes
AhwahneeMichael EllisMichael.Ellis@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
ComputechLisa NicholsLisa.Nichols@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
Cooper (Held at Wilson Elementary)Carmela TeranCarmela.Teran@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
Fort Miller (Hamilton students will attend the summer program at Fort Miller)Abraham OlivaresAbraham.Olivares@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
GastonCourtney CurtisCourtney.Curtis@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
Kings CanyonRichard PerezRichard.Perez@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
Scandinavian (Held at Norseman Elementary)Julie Goorabian-EllisJulie.Goorabian@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
SequoiaAllyson BurnsAllyson.Burns@fresnounified.org
TehipiteMarilyn Lopez-CuevasMarilyn.Lopez-Cuevas@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
Tenaya (Wawona students will attend the summer program at Tenaya)Brandy Vollhardt, PerezBrandy.Vollhardt@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
TerronezZerina Hargrove-BrownZerina.Hargrove-Brown@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
TiogaKevin EvangelinosKevin.Evangelinos@fresnounified.orgBus Routes
YosemiteNichole Horn, Phillip MackeyNichole.Horn@fresnounified.org, Phillip.Mackey@fresnounified.org

High School Programs

High School Summer Academies may include up to 40 days of instruction. Courses are broken into four sessions.

  • High School session 1 runs from June 14 to June 25, session 2 runs from June 28 to July 12.
  • The Independence Day holiday is observed on July 5, 2021 – summer school is not in session.
  • High School session 3 runs from July 13 to July 26 at selected Alternative Education and comprehensive high schools.
  • High School session 4 runs from July 27 to August 6 at Alternative Education high school sites only.

High School Summer Academies begin at 8:00 AM and end at 2:00 PM. Transportation information provide by First Student for Special Education programs is available at ESY Bus Routes.

Summer SiteAdministratorEmail
BullardScott Sanders, David PetersScott.Sanders@fresnounified.org, David.Peters@fresnounified.org
CambridgePete PulosPete.Pulos@fresnounified.org
DewolfRachael MacielRachael.Maciel@fresnounified.org
DuncanVincent Hoke, William PodsakoffVincent.Hoke@fresnounified.org, William.Podsakoff@fresnounified.org
EdisonCarlos ArredondoCarlos.Arredondo@fresnounified.org
FultonGrace SettleGrace.Settle@fresnounified.org
FresnoVincent Salazar, John KaupVincent.Salazar@fresnounified.org, John.Kaup@fresnounified.org
HooverDan BordonaDan.Bordona@fresnounified.org
J.E. YoungCarson WoodCarson.Wood@fresnounified.org
PhoenixKevin SwillisKevin.Swillis@fresnounified.org
RataAmy BalmannoAmy.Balmanno@fresnounified.org
McLaneLauren Trzeciak, Ramiro TeranLauren.Trzeciak@fresnounified.org, Ramiro.Teran@fresnounified.org
RooseveltAbril GarciaAbril.Garcia@fresnounified.org
SunnysideAnna Woods, Pablo JimenezAnna.Woods@fresnounified.org, Pablo.Jimenez@fresnounified.org

Specialty Sites

Transportation information provide by First Student for Special Education programs is available at ESY Bus Routes.

SiteDatesTimeSummer AdministratorContact Email
Adult Transition ProgramJune 14 to July 197:50 AM to 11:50 AMDerrick FlakeDerrick.Flake@fresnounified.org

For additional information, email summerschool@fresnounified.org.

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